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Trust and security are important to us

Protecting digital assets is essential and necessary to keep a business running.


fidentity helps you to digitize the identification of customers either on site or on line. Without the hassle of an app or additional hardware, ID documents can be scanned with a mobile phone. Liveness verified selfies and digital signatures are available. Artificial intelligence prevents fraud and ensures compliance. An automatic decision is available in real time to control the next step in the onboarding process.

Bug bounty Program

We believe that it is impossible to build perfectly secure systems. We have friendly hackers working for us..

Our Bug Bounty Program

Education and awareness

By enhancing awareness and training at all levels, we can prevent bugs before they occur. We train our team in targeted approaches to application security.

Countinous automated testing

When securing digital products, having the right processes in place is vital for risk and vulnerability management. In order to ensure quality, we automate as many processes as possible.