Simply Know Your Customer

Identity verification via document scan and liveness check.

Compliant customer onboarding fully automated and available 24/7.

KYC can be easy

Integrating an audited KYC solution into an existing business process can be complex and expensive. With fidentity, you choose a solution that makes KYC simple, secure and flexible; for you and your customers.


  • Lean process drives down acquisition costs
  • Intuitive user interface for a great first impression
  • No waiting time for customers – all decisions are made in realtime
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  • Audited to make sure legal requirements are met
  • Consistent results through complete automation
  • Fully transparent development and operation
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  • Individual branding for a consistent user journey
  • Configurable process steps that fit your requirements
  • An API-based integration that can be completed within hours
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The Key to Success

Balancing compliance, security and convenience is a difficult task. Often you are forced to sacrifice one for the other. 

Through extensive experience and constant iteration, we have  improved fidentity to a point where the trade-off becomes much easier. You can be compliant and offer a sleek user experience at the same time. And we continue to work every day to further improve fidentity and extend what is possible.

Key factors for your success:



  • Fully automated – no manual review
  • User is done in under 90 seconds
  • Real time evaluation and decision by our audited AI engine


  • Start identification process from anywhere
  • No detour – identification process starts immediately
  • No need to download from the app store


  • Real time guidance for the user
  • End to end control over the process
  • Admin backend with all information


  • Fully compliant with FINMA circular 2016/7
  • Certified by a Big Four auditor
  • ISO certified operations


  • 24/7 constant quality delivered by AI
  • Decisions based on hundreds of factors
  • Traceable results based on configurable metrics


  • 100% auditable source code
  • Operated and hosted locally
  • Developed and maintained in Switzerland


  • Integrate your brand and design
  • Create custom process building blocks
  • Adaptable user journey


  • Choose from available process building blocks
  • Configure your decision criteria based on your risk profile
  • Adaptive rule based user flows


  • API simple to integrate
  • Add custom documents within days
  • Loosely coupled – flexible integration

Some of our customers

fidentity is used worldwide by companies from various industries.

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