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We take security seriously

We continuously analyze threats and take measures to mitigate them

State of the art security, minimal attack surface and data minimization are the key strategies we use to protect the integrity of our service.

It all starts with the people

We train our team specifically on different aspects of application security.

By enhancing awareness and training at all levels, we can prevent security breaches before they even occur.

Continuous automated testing

People make mistakes. We use hundreds of automated tests that are run daily to verify correct functionality and software integrity.

Security by design

Malicious attacks do happen. Security has been built into fidentity from the very first architectural decision to minimize their impact. For example, we don’t use a central database for all clients but a separate database for each and every one. This increases the effort and lowers the profitability of an attack.

Don’t trust us – trust the hackers

Bug Bounty Hub is a company that specializes in finding vulnerabilities in digital products. They perform regular security audits of our software and infrastructure. We also participate in a bug bounty program where we pay hackers if they can find vulnerabilities in our system.

More information about the Bug Bounty Program can be found here.

Keep a low profile

For hackers, the bigger the price, the more effort they will put in. Our customers decide how quickly they want to transfer and delete client data so that our systems never contain substantial amounts of sensitive data.

From the ground up

Security starts with the bricks of the data center. fidentity is hosted in a tier IV data center and the hosting is ISO certified. In case of a true disaster (like an earthquake) a failover site is available.

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