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Customisable Modules

Practical Tools. For Smooth Onboarding.

Supplement the onboarding process with individual modules. With ONBOARD, you can seamlessly supplement your individual process steps and at the same time benefit from the advantages of the standard IDENT and SIGN solutions.

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Supplement your processes with ONBOARD. And stay flexible.

Complete the onboarding journey simply and easily with ONBOARD. Just as you wish.

Simply capture. Collect data easily with our form engine.

Aggregate data

Optimal documentation. Personalize and specify PDF templates.

Personalize PDFs

Comprehensive checks.
For onboarding without risks.

Minimize risks

Simply capture. Collect data easily with our form engine.

Optimal documentation. Personalize and specify PDF templates.

Comprehensive checks.
For onboarding without risks.

Not Only Banks Trust Us.

Companies from various industries rely on fidentity’s identification and signing solutions.

User-Friendly Forms. For the Best Data Quality.

ONBOARD gives you access to our comprehensive forms engine to simplify the capture and processing of data in identity and signing processes.

In many identity and signing scenarios, users must provide questions about their address, source of funds, or wallet address. With ONBOARD you get access to a comprehensive forms engine that allows you to make any type of input such as text or dropdown menus. Scanning of paper documents such as utility bills is also possible. The data is collected and processed together with the identity and signature data. Your user can complete all the steps in one go, while you receive all the information in one package.

Custom PDFs. For Easy Documentation.

Whether data from your backend, the identification process or from form inputs: With ONBOARD you can easily personalise individual PDF templates with user data or define placeholders for content fields.

The customisation of PDF templates is often a complex process. ONBOARD allows you to provide templates and complete them with the data collected during the process. For example, you can capture the name with IDENT, insert the name into a contract document, and then have the entire document signed.

Diligent. For Secure Onboarding.

PEP, sanctions lists or links to organised crime: With ONBOARD, we carry out due diligence checks for you in the background.

Thorough due diligence on new clients usually includes a background check to ensure you are not dealing with sanctioned individuals. ONBOARD gives you access to industry-standard databases of people who could pose a risk to your business. Categories such as PEP, sanctions lists or links to organised crime are checked. In addition, ONBOARD allows you to perform residence checks based on third-party databases.

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