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IDENT – Certified Online -Identification

We Identify Real People. Fully Digital.

Certified identification and signing solutions from fidentity that delight both you and your customers. For better conversion rates. Maximum reliability. And quick time to market.

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Bank-grade Identity Verification. Simple. Secure. Flexible.

Do you know your customers? With IDENT, we make automated identity verification simple, secure and flexible. For you and your customers. IDENT from fidentity is suitable for the digitalization of KYC and wherever customers need to be identified. At the point of sale to support sales staff or remotely for self-service onboarding.

Easy to use. For satisfied customers and low acquisition costs.

Inspire customers

Certified compliance. For quick time-to-market without additional auditing.

Protect reputation

Individually configurable.
For maximum flexibility in integration.

Reduce complexity

Easy to use. For satisfied customers and low acquisition costs.

Certified compliance. For quick time-to-market without additional auditing.

Individually configurable.
For maximum flexibility in integration.

Not Only Banks Trust Us.

Companies from various industries rely on fidentity’s identification and signing solutions.

A Smartphone. A Valid Identification Document. A Smile.

Identification at any time of day or night. Thanks to fully automated identity verification with real-time feedback. Done in less than two minutes.

Document scan

(optional via NFC)

Liveness Check

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Easy to Use. For Anyone.

A smartphone, an ID document and a smile – that’s all you need for customer identification. For a seamless user experience, verification takes place in the web or in-app browser. Thanks to the intuitive user guidance, over 85% of users are successful on their first attempt.

First attempt success rate

Intuitive user guidance

Complex processes with detours, distractions, and unclear error messages lead to dropouts in the onboarding process. That’s why IDENT’s user interface is intuitive and your customers can use the service without having to study an instruction manual.

Our AI engine guides your customers through the identification process even outside office hours. Real-time feedback from our AI engine guides users through the identification process. For example, IDENT reports when an incorrect page or document is scanned. Self-explanatory video tutorials are available at each step of the process.

Available 24/7

Don’t keep your customers waiting! The identification process can be started at any time and from anywhere. Thanks to artificial intelligence, decisions are made in real time and the service is also available outside regular office hours. Super-fast AI checks the image quality live in the browser – no more time-consuming and tedious image uploads. 85% of scans are successful the first time and the user receives immediate feedback if something is wrong.

The result: Onboarding is completed in under 90 seconds.

Web-based identification process

Integrate fidentity seamlessly into your existing business process – without the user noticing a break.

Whether it’s email, SMS, app or your website: With IDENT, you can let your customers start the onboarding process from anywhere. The different channels increase your reach.

Don’t force the customer to leave your business process to install an app. Don’t lose another customer in the App Store because he or she didn’t know the password, got distracted, or because the connection was too slow to download. IDENT is completely web-based. Reading the NFC chip for authentication is seamlessly integrated into the process and works with instant app (Android) or app clip technology (iPhone), depending on the mobile device.

Certified. For the Highest Level of Security

IDENT is designed for use in a regulated environment. fidentity operates a dedicated database for each customer to ensure strict data separation. Thanks to extensive certification, compliance with Trust Service and AML standards can be demonstrated without re-testing.

Compliant with Trust Service and AML standards

Legally compliant KYC process

Don’t worry about compliance requirements! IDENT is audited by KPMG and confirms compliance with the following FINMA requirements:

IDENT is not only compliant with regard to the Swiss legal area, but also fulfills the eIDAS requirements.

Other certifications:

  • ISAE3000
  • DIN EN 419241-1
  • ETSI EN 319 401
  • ISO/IEC 30107-3
  • ZertES
  • eIDAS

The IDENT identification solution is suitable for both self-service onboarding and assisted onboarding by your employees at the point of sale. Extend IDENT with a qualified electronic signature for signing contracts. Digitize your business processes completely and eliminate paper.

Consistent, well-documented results

Unlike most KYC solutions, with IDENT all decisions are made by our AI engine. This makes them traceable, comparable and repeatable – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The decision is made within seconds and by several hundred factors. The AI engine has been trained with thousands of images and is constantly being improved.

Decision criteria can be easily configured and adapted to the respective business use case. In the dashboard, every decision is perfectly documented in PDF, video and JSON format.

Swiss development and maintenance

Trust is one of the most important factors for us. We want you to be able to trust our product and each of our employees. That’s why we work in small teams, develop exclusively in Switzerland and communicate with maximum transparency.

The source code is completely under our control and can be viewed at any time. We only use open source libraries or build our own solution. Data and processes never leave our Swiss data center and are never passed on to third parties.

All development and maintenance is done in our offices in Bern, Switzerland. We develop all components of fidentity ourselves and do neither near- nor offshoring.

Flexible. For Smooth Integration.

IDENT adapts to your IT infrastructure. In this way, customer-specific adapters ensure that IDENT works smoothly with your existing systems. Thanks to an extensive white labeling system, IDENT also integrates seamlessly into existing user interfaces.

Customizable to your needs

Individual branding

It is important for your success that your brand always remains visible. Customers face enormous complexity when making decisions online. After you’ve won them over, it’s critical that you provide a smooth onboarding process. Providing a consistent, visually appealing user journey is a key factor in ensuring that users stick with it until completion.

Make IDENT a part of your business process. The branding can be customized to fit seamlessly into your existing business process – without the customer noticing a transition.

Configurable process steps

IDENT offers various identification modules that can be combined to create an individual identification process. The process can be customized at runtime for each client, depending on their risk profile, onboarding channel, or other factors.

You can also use individual steps for specific purposes. For example, you can use standalone ID scanning to re-identify customers annually without manual effort.

The decision is made within seconds and based on several hundred factors. The AI engine has been trained with thousands of images and is constantly being improved.

Decision criteria can be easily configured and adapted to the respective business use case.

Agile integration process

Our customers’ system architectures are diverse and their security requirements very different. Therefore, IDENT can be integrated via an API – this minimizes dependency.

We can usually respond to special requirements – whether for integration or the process itself – within days.

With IDENT, there is no compromise between convenient integration and the other aspects such as compliance or automation. You can have it all together!

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