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Simply Know Your Customer

A smooth process that users love.

Let customer comply with regulatory requirements as quickly as possible so they can start using your service sooner.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The identification process is one of the first customer touch points. Performing well in this critical interaction has a substantial impact on your acquisition and conversion metrics.

fidentity helps you excel in conversion metrics.





Intuitive User Interface

It is crucial that customers understand how to use the service without reading the manual. Complex interactions with detours, distractions and unclear errors lead to increased rates of abandonment.

Our AI engine guides the customer through the entire onboarding process 24/7. Distraction-free and in real time, the process interacts with the customer, enabling fast and hassle-free onboarding.

Customers get instant feedback when presenting the wrong document or the wrong side of the document

Fast process

If you make your clients wait, they go somewhere else. And more of your money goes into advertising, driving your cost per acquisition. Don’t bore your prospects with app downloads. Don’t lose users to the distractions on their home screen. Don’t make them wait for slow image uploads with unknown results.

We made the user experience as simple as we possibly could. Super fast AI checks the image quality live in the browser. 95% of the images are first time right and the user gets real time intuitive feedback if something is not OK.

The result: The onboarding is done under 90 seconds.

Onboarding with fidentity is super convenient. So your prospects become your customers faster.

fidentity guarantees fast onboarding and high quality documentation

Direct onboarding access

Integrate fidentity seamlessly into your existing business process – without the customer noticing any transition

The onboarding process can be started from anywhere – mail, sms, app or your website. Use the different channels to achieve a larger and more diversified reach.

Do not force the customer to leave your business process to install an app. Don’t lose customers in the App Store because they either don’t have the password at hand, are distracted by the ads, or the connection speed is too slow for a download.

Make fidentity a part of your process.

Start the fidentity from anywhere – mail, sms, app or your website

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