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Security and compliance are front and center

fidentity ticks all the boxes with your legal team.

Our identification process is FINMA compliant. fidentity ticks all the boxes, starting with privacy and outsourcing requirements and all the way up to online and video identification. 

But security and trust go beyond ticking boxes. We have built fidentity from the ground up with banks and their compliance requirements in mind.
And while you can treat fidentity as a black box that just works, you can also take a closer look! Our complete development process, including source code and hosting provider, is transparent and can be reviewed at any time. The identifications by fidentity are repeatable, comparable and traceable – and this at any time 24/7.




Audited KYC process

fidentity is audited by KPMG and fully compliant with FINMA circular 2016/7. fidentity is also compatible with FINMA circulars 2018/3 (outsourcing) and 2008/21 (operational risks).

Anti money laundering (AML)

The regulation in regard to customer identification via the internet is constantly evolving. fidentity is a fully compliant customer identification solution for self-service onboarding.

Customers still visit premises and identification is performed by a representative. fidentity is a fully compliant customer identification solution for assisted onboarding. With its signature capabilities, fidentity even enables fully paperless identification and signing.

Consistent results – 24/7

Unlike most KYC solution providers, all decisions at fidentity are made by the AI engine. They are traceable, comparable and repeatable with the same result at any time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Decisions are made based on hundreds of factors and within seconds. The AI engine has been trained with many thousands of images and is continuously improved.

Decision criteria can be easily configured and adapted to the respective business use case.

Transparent business process

Trust is one of the most important factors for us at fidentity. We want you to be able to trust our product and each of our employees. That’s why we work in small teams, develop exclusively in Switzerland and communicate with maximum transparency.

The source code is completely under our control and auditable at any time. We only use open source libraries or build our own solution. All data and processes stay in our Swiss data center and are never stored elsewhere or shared with anyone.

All development and maintenance takes place in our offices in Bern, Switzerland. We develop all parts of fidentity ourselves and do neither near- nor offshoring.

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