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Online identification with fidentity – now even easier, safer and faster

Our vision: to enable trust in the digital world. Our way to achieve this: Making online verification simple, secure and flexible. That’s why we’ve expanded our identification solution in recent months. Our Liveness module is now even faster and more intuitive for your customers to use. We have also developed an NFC module. Interested? Learn more in our newsletter.

Liveness module in usability testing

Probably the most modern data center in Switzerland is located in a suburb of Bern. It opened in 2014 and cost 60 million francs.

Real-time face recognition, an improved progress bar for the user, a short tutorial video and immediate user feedback during the selfie process – these are just a few of the new features we have integrated into our liveness module. In a usability test, we wanted to know how the new features were received by users. And we are proud of the results: The testers gave our module a rating of 4.5 out of a total of 5 ⭐. What they liked best:

  • the ease of use
  • the intuitive user guidance
  • the design.

Convince yourself. Try our Liveness module for identity verification now.

Thanks to NFC: digital onboarding even more secure and faster

Probably the most modern data center in Switzerland is located in a suburb of Bern. It opened in 2014 and cost 60 million francs.

Many identity documents, including the Swiss passport, have an integrated NFC chip. This is as secure as the chip on a credit card and is considered counterfeit-proof by FINMA. fidentity enables this chip to be read and checked.

NFC technology is not new. But did you know that

  • most smartphones today have an NFC reader?
  • the bank transfer previously required to identify customers during onboarding is no longer necessary if verification is carried out by reading the data from the NFC chip?
  • fidentity now makes it possible to read and verify this chip?

Seamless integration of web an app

To date, only “native apps” can access the NFC reader function of smartphones. Since fidentity’s identity verification is web-based, we were looking for a technical solution that supports identification with NFC while integrating as seamlessly as possible into the web flow. Thanks to the new App-Clip technology (Instant App on Android), identification with NFC is possible without the user having to make a detour through the app stores.

See for yourself the seamless integration of the NFC module.

KPMG confirms: fidentity is proven to be FINMA-compliant

Security instructions in front of the data center: We will soon have to part with our personal belongings, exchange an official identification document for a visitor badge and pass a metal detector.

As part of a voluntary audit in accordance with the ISAE 3000 standard, KPMG confirmed that fidentity’s identification solution meets the requirements of FINMA Circular 2016/07 on “Video and Online Identification”. We also have extensive experience in other compliance issues and can meet your requirements according to the Data Protection Act, regarding outsourcing and risk management.

We are happy to help you create a user-friendly onboarding for your new customers.

Is there 100 percent security?

It recently became public: security researchers from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) successfully hacked video-based online identification and thus gained access to a test person’s personal data. The CCC is therefore calling for this technology not to be used where there is a high potential for damage.

Behind the CCC’s attack is years of preparation. Moreover, the identity of a complete stranger was not stolen, but the identity of identical twins.

We at fidentity find the hack exciting and are convinced that it will contribute to an improvement of the procedures. Because all optical processes are vulnerable with more or less effort, fidentity continuously invests in our software and uses “friendly” hackers to uncover possible security gaps. Today, only identification with an NFC chip is considered 100 percent secure, as this is not “hackable” with today’s technology.

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