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Stay flexible – onboard everywhere

Trigger the onboarding journey naturally in any channel without awkward hand overs.

With fidentity, your onboarding process can be adapted to different customer journeys in real time. During runtime, you decide which steps are needed for onboarding and your brand always defines the experience. fidentity can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes.
If you need an individual extension, this can usually be implemented within a few days.


stay on brand


Individual branding

Staying on brand is very important for your success. Customers are faced with huge complexity when making decisions online. Once you have persuaded them, it’s crucial that you offer a smooth onboarding process. Providing a consistent, visually appealing user journey is one key factor in making sure that users stay on board.

Make fidentity part of your business process. The branding of fidentity can be customized so that it integrates seamlessly into your existing business process – without the customer noticing any transition

Configurable process steps

fidentity offers identification modules that can be combined into your own business process. You can customise the process individually for each client depending on their risk profile, the onboarding channel or any other factor.

You can also use individual steps for specific purposes. For example you could use stand alone ID-scanning to re-identify customers on a yearly basis without manual overhead.

Agile integration process

The system architectures of our customers are diverse and their security requirements are very different. Therefore, fidentity can be integrated via API calls without major dependencies.
We can usually react within days to special requirements – be it for the integration or the process itself.

With fidentity there is no trade off between a convenient integration and the other aspects such as compliance or automation. You can have it all!

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