We enable trust in a digital world.

  • Trust is extremely important in our lives.
  • Trust makes relationships work.
  • Trust makes transactions efficient.

But on the internet, creating trust is difficult. You don’t see or feel the other person. Many important cues to their trustworthiness are invisible to you.

Our mission is to make it simple to trust each other. We create the foundation for good relationships that work without physical interaction.

Our mission

fidentity wants to make it simple to trust each other. We create the foundation for good relationships that work without physical interaction.



fidentity was founded by Edi and Thorsten over a beer while they were discussing options to provide a convenient KYC user journey for their customers.

Customer one

The ICO hype made convenient identification important for those projects, that wanted to stay inside legal boundaries. fidentity helped several of them to get regulatory sign offs to launch in Switzerland

First AI version

Technology had matured sufficiently to move from a manual to an automated solution that relied on artificial intelligence (AI).

finma audit

Technology and operations were mature enough to undergo an audit for compliance with the finma circular. Since 2019 fidentity can prove compliance with the relevant finma circular on online identification (2016/7).


With a mature product and regulatory approval, growth was the focus in 2020. On the product front, fidentity matured with a focus on providing the simplest and most flexible solution in the market.


fidentity thorsten hau

Thorsten Hau, CEO and Founder

Received a PhD from HSG (University of St. Gallen) in 2009. He then joined Swisscom and worked his way through through the ranks up to a management position. The most exciting times were negotiations with Silicon Valley behemoths such as google. Thorsten lives with his family near Bern.

fidentity edi spring

Edi Spring, CTO

An IT veteran who started his career at SIX (Swiss stock market). Edi founded Lambda IT and now leads a team of senior developers  who solve the most complex challenges.  Edi lives with his family near Bern.


René Greiss, Head of Sales and Business Development

René is a sales professional: with a degree in Economics & Business Studies from the University of Konstanz and over 10 years’ experience in selling services and software. He feels at home in a start-up and brings interdisciplinary ideas from his time as an entrepreneur. René lives with his family in the beautiful and sunny region of Alsace.

fidentity david strahm

David Strahm, Senior Software Engineer

Received formal training in machine vision and artificial intelligence. He then helped to improve the parcel sorting at Swiss Post and later increased automation in mail processing. He joined Lambda IT in 2016 and leads the development for fidentity since 2018. David lives with his family in beautiful Emmental.

Franziska Ackermann, Head of Communication

With a master’s degree in corporate communications and her flair for images and text, Franziska is the new voice of fidentity. She skillfully uses her many years of experience in tourism, administration and associations to increase fidentity’s visibility. With unique branding, of course. She lives with her family in surroundings of Bern.

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