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Daniel Margreth

No installation needed

Integrate fidentity seamlessly into your existing business process

fidentity offers an interface to retrieve customer data instantly – as JSON file or prepared in a PDF. Furthermore the scan is analyzed by our artificial intelligence engine and the resulting metrics are immediately available

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Give feedback to your customer

Do not let the customer lose time unnecessarily with your service – otherwise you will lose the customer

The usability of the fidentity service is constantly being improved by UX experts. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that the customer does not use the service according to the rules.

fidentity notifies the customer immediately in case of obvious errors and thus protects the customer from unnecessary loss of time.

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Quality is the best business plan

Scanning documents with fidentity is fast and easy – and always guarantees high quality scans

Whether you need the scanned ID-document for your files or because of legal requirements – the document must be legible and free of artifacts, without manual inspection of the scan.

fidentity carries out automatic quality checks with every scan and combined with our artificial intelligence engine the images will always meet your requirements.

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Time is Money

fidentity enables the fastest onboarding for new clients.

If you make your clients wait, they go somewhere else. And more of your money goes into advertising, driving your cost per acquisition up. Don’t bore your prospects with app downloads or waiting times for slow image uploads with unknown result.

We made the user experience as simple as we possibly could. Super fast AI checks the image quality live in the browser. 95% of the images are first time right and the user gets real time intuitive feedback if something is not OK.

The result: Creating a high quality scan takes only seconds.

Onboarding with fidentity is super convenient. So your prospects become your customers faster.  

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